KMB-20-100 Auto Drilling Machine - Pneumatic

Drilling head 20-100 is highly precise auto-feed Vertical drilling machine with Pneumatic feed. Hard and ground pillars for stability.The drilling head of the machine tested for its best performance. It is perfectly suitable for mass production and second operation drilling single or multi holes after machining in CNC lathes and machining centers.

Increases production with consistency and almost 70% reducing the labor cost. The machine has the robust construction.

Specifications of Pneumatic Auto Drilling Machine

Max. Drilling Capacity 18 in STEEL
Motor Power 1.1KW/1000 RPM
1.1KW/1400 RPM
1.1KW/2880 RPM
Spindle Speed (RPM) 510,1000,1830
Spindle Travel 100mm
Working Stroke 70mm(Variable)
Working Area 350mmX340mm
Thrust Load at 6bar 395Kg
Distance between Spindle to Table Max. 450mm
Distance between Spindle center to Column front 213mm
Distance from Table Top to Base 750mm
Air Pressure Required 5-6 bar
Machine Size (mm) 810L x 700W x 1900H

Special Machines for Drilling

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