Welding Machine


Kasthuri Machine Builders designed the Horizontal Welding machines and Vertical Welding machines. This horizontal welding machine will be fully automatic machine. The machine can be equipped with number of welding guns as per the requirement. The Welding machine is completely made of sheet metal cabin fabricated. The main machine stand is Fabricated with heavy metal to withstand the load of the fixture.

The Welding machine is completely automated cycle and manual cycle helps operator to operated the machine in optimum conditions and cycle time. Welding Machine controls are put in front where as the main electrical control panel is kept in the back side of the machine. a small window is also provided in the backside of the machine, which makes easy to control the machine for the operator.

Separate electrical controls for welding source in the rear main control panel, which is easy for the operator to run the machine without actually running the welding machine, in the same time operator can also control the machine from the front. Operator and supervisor easiness is so good that the every thing to start the machine or while?running, complete welding process can be monitored from the front side of the machine.

All necessary gauges, valves & controls, switch controls, RPM displays of the rotary welding machine can be controlled and monitored. We use Festo or SMC for our welding machine for all the necessary required pneumatic controls in the machine. We offer the machine with the complete welding source. In some cases the welding sources are supplied by the end user as the direct procuring cost is less.

These Welding machines can be used for many applications like complete Exhaust system parts welding, welding of Frame and complete frame welding machines, Steering parts and complete steering welding machine, Swing arm sub assembly parts and complete swing arm can be done. There are so many 2 wheeler parts like Fork assembly to be welding, Welding of seat frame.We can also arrange welding machine fixtures and inspection gauges against request for any component.