Multiple Spindle Drill Heads

Multi Drill Head with Self Feeder

Multi spindle heads are well designed for almost all types of drilling and tapping machines. Multi spindle heads will increase your production as many spindle you increase and components in one fixture and the type of operation done like drilling, tapping, countersink, reaming and burnishing. Multi spindle heads are the best method to do drilling and tapping when the holds are close.
This can be divided into two Adjustable Multiple Spindle Drilling Heads and Fixed distance or Special Purpose Drilling Heads
Adjustable multi-spindle drilling heads can be used in many components, where you can change the center distance to some range.It will increase your drilling capacity in single special purpose machine.
Adjustable and fixed distance multiple spindle heads with the adapters to fit manual, automatic and fixture type drilling machines. Our multiple spindle heads are high quality and priced to be affordable. The spindle and gears are hard and ground for its best performance. Adjustable Multiple spindle heads for drilling and tapping can be supplied immediately but Fixed distance or special purpose has to be designed and manufactured. This can take three to four weeks of time with suitable adapters. They are machined in about two weeks.
Multiple Spindle heads are sometimes referred to as: cluster drills, tandem drills, or gang drills. Multi spindle drill heads is made up of Aluminum casting which is precisely machined. All rotating parts are hardened and ground. Change over of PCD of the spindle can be set easily and accurately by jigs. Spindle run on needle and thrust bearings. Drill revolution is usually identical with machine rpm, it may also vary according to drilling requirement.

Multi Drill Heads
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Multiple Spindle Drill Head Models
EV-2 - D66-168
EV-3 - D66-168
EV-4 - D66-168
LCV-4 - D96-230