Industrial Washing Machines

Esteem Multi Systems manufactures aqueous based industrial washing machines for specific component cleaning and general washing applications. Engine and transmission manufacturing in the automotive industry is the key area of application. Component cleaning machines are essential where critical factor for quality is that all components are completely free of dirt prior to assembly, as even the smallest amount of residue can lead to damage. Our Component cleaning machines /Industrial washing machines offer high standard precision cleaning to meet stringent requirements. Our machines are built with latest technology using advanced elements to achieve the desired results.

Single stage washing machines are designed for specific cleaning and general cleaning of various components with processes like washing, air blowing / hot air blowing. The components may be positioned in a basket or on a fixture. The components can be washed and dried either fixed or moveable water and air jets respectively. Loading and unloading can be manual or automatic depending on the applications. These machines are applied for engine parts, transmission parts and other similar applications.

Product Description

This single stage washing machine is designed for general washing of automotive cylinder block and head. Alkali based hot liquid media is used for washing the components. The machine is built using advanced technology elements to achieve the desired results. Thermo well type tubular heaters are used for liquid heating. The machine is provided with PLC based control panel. The machine is also equipped with oil skimmer, duplex basket filter, float indicators, operating panel and main panel box etc.

Various Types of Washing machines:

  • General Purpose Rotary Type Washing Machine.
  • General Purpose Conveyorised Type Washing Machine.
  • Special Purpose Batch type Washing Machine.
  • Special Purpose Conveyorised Washing Machine.
  • Dunking Type Conveyorised Washing Machine.

The Main Sectors that uses parts washing machine:

  • Automotive parts cleaning
  • Auto services
  • Engine replacement and rectifying
  • Machining Metal parts Cleaning
  • Mould cleaning
  • Stainless Steel Kitchen sinks and pots cleaning
  • Cleaning before coating and painting
  • Laboratory - Medical Equipment cleaning


  • We use friendly technologies for the environment.
  • The cleaning solution can be used for several working cycles until it becomes an ineffective cleaner.
  • Every cycle runs in a closed loop and never gives dirty liquid outside.
  • Working place remains clean.

We are using high quality materials in the machines. So, that we offer 10 years warranty

Rotary Washing machine

Our special purpose cleaning machine gives an engineering way in cleaning technology by using high pressure spray cleaning and degreasing of any industrial component. Precision engineered, our machine is capable of cleaning components of any size and in any quantity as per the required parameter. Manufactured in closed chamber type and conveyor type, using optimum quality components and raw material, it can also be customized as per the specific requirement of clients. Designed for single or batch of components based on the required output, it is appreciated for listed below features:

  • Pre-cleaning
  • High pressure spray cleaning
  • Rinsing
  • Drying
  • Rust preventive oil coating


  • Removal of contaminants
  • Removal of loose burrs formed during machine operations
  • Degreasing


  • Increase in performance & life of the component
  • Reducing use of manual effort
  • Changing for better standards
  • Very clean surface, which creates attraction
  • Savings in operational costs
  • Safe for workmen

Industrial Washing Machines

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