Facing & Centering Machine

facing & Centering


Model KMB FC-30-350 KMB FC-60-800 KMB FC-80-1200
Centering dia 4;5;6.3mm 4;5;6.3mm 4;5;6.3mm
Processing length range 120-350 200-800 201-1200
Processing dia range 15-35 30-75 31-85
Max. Milling depth (Single Side) 3MM 3MM 3MM
Max. Vice Clamping dia 30 60 80
Milling Spindle Speed 300 To 800 (VFD) 300 To 800 (VFD) 300 To 800 (VFD)
Drilling Spindle Speed 300 to 1250 300 to 1250 300 to 1250
Drilling Milling Feed Range Infinity Variable Infinity Variable Infinity Variable
All Motor Power 12 16 17
Working Accuracy Milling Length identity between two ends Normally +/-0.1mm Normally +/-0.1mm Normally +/-0.1mm
Central hole depth identity Normally +/-0.1mm Normally +/-0.1mm Normally +/-0.1mm
Roughness of tapered surface for central hole 60 Ra 6.4 max to 3.2 min Ra 6.4 max to 3.2 min Ra 6.4 max to 3.2 min
Concentricity between holes 0.1mm 0.1mm 0.15mm
Job clamping system Self centering vice by Hydraulic motor
Input component to be ground shaft
Electrical Control System PLC PLC PLC
Overall dimensions (LxWxH) (mm) 1500 x 1000 x 1200 1850 x 1300 x 1200 2600 x 1600 x 1200


Steel Fabricated Cabinet designed to flow the material to scrap collection area with taper ribs to strengthen the cabinet


KMB Milling head ISO 30 /40, with Taper roller bearing and Hardened spindles


Heads movement the slides in LM guide ways front and back with hydraulic Variable feed

Component clamping

Self-centering V block clamping, Hydraulic component clamping, separate cylinders used to clamp the total length.


Complete PLC based machine, with complete auto cycle after initial setting.