Milling Machine

Horizantal Milling Machine - Hydraulic Feed

Milling Machine

In KMB-MH-250 Milling machine, the "X" axis is driven by hydraulic power

Advantages of Kasthuri Milling machine

  • High volume production with less semi skilled or unskilled operator.
  • Repeatability and consistency of diamensions.
  • Easily interchangeable hydraulic fixtures can be designed.
  • Fully tooled up machines can be supplied, start production immediately, when machine reaches your factory.
  • Cost effective.

Milling machine consists of:

  • Main base
  • Compound Slide
  • Simple Electrical Control Panel
  • Milling Head with 1" Stub Arbor
  • Table size - 550mm X 180mm
  • Vertical Column
  • Valves & Accessories
  • Hydraulic Power pack

Specifications of the Milling machine

Spindle Taper Nose ISO 30 / ISO 40
Spindle Power 1.5 KW
Center of Arbor to Table Top Surface 200mm
No. of Spindle Speed 4 (1750, 1440, 1110, 880 rpm)
Table Size 550mm x 180
Table Movement 225mm by Hydraulic
Cross Slide 50mm by Manual
Vertical Adjustment of Head 150mm by Manual
Center of Arbor to Vertical Column Front 110mm
Hydraulic Power Pack Capacity 50 Lts
Hydraulic Pressure 35 - 40 Kg/Cm
Motor 1.5HP, 1440